New Power was invited to attend the 2019 Shanghai Dasein Summit

September 06 20:59 2019

On the afternoon of September 5, 2019, hosted by ZB Group’s ZB Nexus, Nova Club, and FINWEX and organized by BN Capital, ‘Dasein Summit’ was successfully held. The Summit invited ZB Group Vice President Aurora, BiSheng Capital Partner Shao JianLiang, well-known blockchain expert Huang LianJin, Consensus Laboratory Partner Ren Wei, Fundamental Lab Yuan Zhen and other fields’ technology leaders, economists CEOs of well-known enterprises and industry celebrities. New Power was invited to attend to the Dasein Summit and delivered the keynote speech, and also New Power discuss the New landscape of crypto-finance and cutting-edge industry trends with and the top crypto consensus.


The emergence of NewPower indicates that the new energy industry will usher in a subversive revolution.

At the Summit, NewPower CEO Dennis mentioned that the global energy system is accelerating the transformation of low-carbonization, and the development of new energy industry has become the main direction of global energy transformation. People’s constant exploration of new energy supply system will contribute to the global layout of new energy Internet.

Facing the global energy revolution, new energy enterprises should play a leading role in the future development of the energy industry and try their best to seek solutions to industrial pain points. Therefore, Newpower, a platform that enables the new energy industry with blockchain technology, came into being.

NewPower is a new energy asset issuing trading platform based on blockchain technology. At the same time, it combines DPOE consensus mechanism, trusted data exchange and smart contract technology to connect users, energy companies, construction parties, audit institutions, investors and regulatory agencies. It enables ecological participants to spontaneously maintain the sustainable development of NewPower ecosystem through a consensus incentive system.


The platform has already implemented two landing applications. The first is the new energy asset chain, which based on a decentralized new energy project construction information and management platform built by New Power. All the information and data of the whole power station construction are uploaded to the chain to achieve data traceability. The second landing application scenario is new energy asset trading. New energy assets can be circulated in the capital market as a financial asset. Through asset certification, the value of new energy assets including asset trading, future revenue circulation, and mixed circulation can be realized.

NewPower makes use of the resource advantage of alliance and co-governance to carry out the new energy strategy layout of globalization

NewPower uses the underlying technology of the blockchain to integrate the resources of the leading enterprises in the new energy industry and create a global “blockchain+new energy” industrial ecosystem. Its strategic partner Tian En Energy Co., Ltd. has operations in more than 20 provinces and regions across the country as well as Europe, North Africa and other regions. Its industries involves photovoltaic technology, wind power, hydropower and many other fields. At present, a total of nearly 400MW of ground centralized power stations have been developed, and more than 100 megawatts of distributed power stations have been built, with a total investment of nearly RMB 6 billion. In the future, both parties will work together to use the blockchain technology to empower the development of new energy industries.


NewPower CEO Dennis said at the Summit that to accelerate the entry into the blockchain industry to realize the chain reform, solve the pain point of the industry, accelerate the realization of the certificate economy, realize the certification of new energy assets, and finally enter the global market is the driving force of NewPower.  Soon, NewPower will open up an ecological construction incentive mechanism to allow new energy industry participants from around the world to participate in the construction of the NewPower ecosystem.

As a technical method to change the production relationship, the blockchain has become the focus of attention of many financial institutions around the world. The new energy blockchain nodes represented by NewPower are welcoming this technology trend with a candid and open attitude. In this Shanghai Dasein Summit, NewPower communicated with many industry players to jointly capture new business trends in the current economic situation. In the future, NewPower will join hands with industry pioneers to find new economic breakthroughs for the new energy capital market!

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