Bitcomet has successfully secured a $5 million angel investment from METASEATECH FUND, a US financial institution

September 07 06:25 2023

This funding will inject significant financial power into the future ecosystem development of Bitcomet, driving overall development progress for YCypto. This encompasses Bitcomet Chain, the Evm multi-chain wallet, Flychat encrypted community and wallet application, and subsequent infrastructure.

METASEATECH FUND’s keen interest in YCypto and its choice to invest stem from YCypto’s unwavering commitment to decentralization. As global finance continues to evolve, blockchain technology faces increasing challenges. Many centralized exchanges and decentralized wallets have chosen to collaborate with third-party data agencies to bundle and sell user information and financial data, leading to frequent security incidents. In order to ensure the security of funds and user privacy for every investor, and to fully embrace Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of complete decentralization, multiple developers within the YCypto community have initiated the development of Bitcomet Chain.

This initiative aims to provide efficient and reliable support for decentralized applications (DApps) and anonymous technology development. Bitcomet, which is part of the ETH Larey2 sector, will utilize Optimistic Rollup for scaling and zk-SNARKs technology for network-wide anonymity. Its outstanding performance and privacy protection capabilities will shine brightly in the WEB3 era, optimizing transaction speed, network stability, data storage, and privacy. The future will see wider applications of YDJ throughout the entire Bitcomet Chain ecosystem.

This funding’s impact extends beyond the financial aspect, encompassing cooperation, technological innovation, and market influence across multiple fronts. It will further enhance Bitcomet Chain’s impact and competitiveness in the blockchain industry.

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