DOPAI Metaverse is Scheduled for a Public Beta Launch by the End of August 2023

September 01 18:37 2023

In order to promote the development of enterprise virtual reality technology and create a more integrated online and offline business ecosystem, it is a great honor to announce that the DOPAI Metaverse platform will be officially launched at the end of August 2023. At that time, DOPAI Metaverse will provide enterprises with a brand-new interactive experience. By combining virtual reality and offline entity management, it will bring unparalleled innovation and convenience to users.

Metaverse is an extension of the future digital world and has attracted much attention for its openness, interactivity and immersion.

The DOPAI Metaverse virtual space will simulate the real world and provide users with a variety of experiences, including shopping, socializing, and entertainment. By establishing their own virtual store or office space in DOPAI, enterprises can combine online and offline to bring brand-new experiences to consumers and employees. Virtual reality technology has made breakthroughs in many fields, such as retail, tourism, education, etc.

DOPAI Metaverse completed AR device debugging in July. With better network technology support, all users can enter DOPAI Metaverse through AR devices. For enterprises, AR holographic technology can better fully display all marketing methods in front of users, and maximize the benefits of enterprise marketing and publicity methods. With the support of DOPAI Metaverse, enterprises can make better use of these technologies and integrate online and offline to create more attractive business models.

At the July summary conference of DOPAI Metaverse, DOPAI Metaverse showed some usage scenarios of Metaverse to all users, and received unanimous praise. It is expected that by the end of this year, DOPAI will launch the international version of Metaverse, allowing users around the world to communicate and interact face-to-face with virtual people. Users can enter a brand-new digital world in DOPAI Metaverse by manipulating their own virtual people. They can browse and purchase products, communicate and collaborate with other users, and participate in various activities and events.

At present, thousands of enterprises have settled in the DOPAI Metaverse ecosystem. In the enterprise ecological cycle, each enterprise can map its own products to Metaverse for sale. Under certain conditions, DOPAI will provide relevant conveniences for some enterprises. Enterprises can display their products and services through avatars, cooperate with the global user base of Metaverse, provide users with personalized shopping experience, and build their own brand effect. Open up new markets among users. At the same time, employees can work together in a virtual office, hold remote meetings with colleagues, and improve work efficiency and teamwork. Through the combination of online and offline, enterprises can break the limitations of traditional business models and open up new market space. Whether it is creating a more attractive shopping experience, increasing brand awareness, or improving the efficiency of teamwork, it will bring huge development opportunities for enterprises.

The DOPAI Metaverse platform will provide comprehensive technical support and security guarantees to ensure the security of user data and transaction information. In addition, DOPAI Metaverse is also committed to establishing partnerships with enterprises from all walks of life to jointly promote the development of the DOPAI Metaverse ecosystem.

Whether it is entertainment, education or medical care, DOPAI Metaverse will become the protagonist of the future, changing the way of life and bringing infinite possibilities to enterprises. Please wait and see to witness this exciting future.

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