The Making of Superstar Aaron Paul To Be the King of NFT

June 03 06:47 2021

UK television personality Simon Cowell plucked Aaron Paul from obscurity and turned him into a global pop superstar as the lead singer of the boys band: Worlds Apart. Fast forward across two dividing millenniums and two continents, his journey to becoming the new King of NFT is now in the making. Non Fungible Token (NFT) is the new digital collectibles that many industry experts are predicting to be a potential trillion dollar technology business built on the ledger platforms of blockchains and associated digital cryptocurrencies. Aaron will be the front marketing face of the newly formed NFTiMart founded by Dr. Leong Ying, Creator of Our Collective and his technology partners at Yezcoin: Vernon Gibbs and Mongkol Thitithamasak. The first public unveiling of this enterprise was a recent celebrity-ladened party hosted at Dragon Entertainment Studios in Jersey City, New Jersey. Top billing went to Aaron as he did a live rendition of his appropriately composed song entitled NFT What the Funk!.

Aaron Paul – Dragons Blood – Music Video – YouTube Link:

British Recording Artist PopStar Aaron Paul at the NFTiMart Red Carpet launch hosted by Dragon Entertainment
Photographer: Ted Karpovich (15th May 2021)

Why… Aaron Paul… You ask? With many artists’ saturating today’s social media forums and digital music platforms … The simple answer is… Aaron’s evaluated artistry rises above the rest of the crops, because he is pure entertainment and living art. All naturally package, combing music, fashion and art. His artistic expression is limitless and boundless. Therefore, making him the rightful heir to the available and empty potential NFT throne.

Aaron. Paul was hand picked by music pop music star maker Simon Cowell as lead singer of the international successful UK teen boyband “Worlds Apart”. Which gathered a succession of multiple top 40 hits under Arista Records in the 1990’s. Fast forward now also with a solo number one dance EDM record with his self-penned and self-liberated 2014 LGBT anthem “I Don’t Care”. An iconic socialite fixture on the NYC art scene and his expressive works of artistic music videos, as of his latest visual release “Dragons Blood”… will lends to his career legacy and continued mainstream success, as the celebrity face of NFT.

NFTiMart launch party guests (from left to right): Dr. Leong Ying, Aaron Paul, and “TheImageGuru” Montgomery Frazier
Photographer: Jimmy Hong (15th May 2021)

NFTiMart is intended to be a unique one-shop platform for its clients and customers. Patent-pending technologies coupled to its sophisticated public relation offerings will remove many of the fears for non-tech savvy users, and replace with an easy-to-use and enjoyable experience for all spectrum of buyers and sellers of NFT’s. Added advantages of leveraging the founder’s umbrella organization: Our Collective, is direct access to the worldwide influential footprints it brings on board for its affiliated members and partners. Through these contractual affiliations with Our Collective, NFTiMart has direct leverage to established blockchain technologies (Yezcoin), a digital financial exchange platform (Cashero), and a stable of celebrities and influencers. Our Collective is literally the private organization equivalence of the United Nations (UN), the world’s largest intergovernmental public organization. Last year before the pandemic became a pandemic, both Our Collective and the UN partnered up to host the UN summit: Combatting Poverty and Climate Change with AI and Blockchain.

UN Speakers (from left to right): Andrew Tse (Yezcoin) and Dr. Leong Ying (Our Collective)
Our Collective Photography Library (17th January 2020)

So what Simon Cowell started, NFTiMart and its affiliated partners will one day intend to crown Aaron Paul, the King of NFT!

NFTiMart business deck:

UN summit AI Blockchain Matrix – Combating Poverty and Climate Change:


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