Shakkir Brown, Founder of Diesel Collective Drops News About Upcoming Debut Album

February 23 16:28 2021
Shakkir “Shakkdiesel” Brown has revealed his upcoming debut album is currently in the works. The record will feature Diesel Collective, Landstrip Chip, and more.

Shakkir “Shakkdiesel” Brown needs no introduction to the global music industry. Leading a team of super producers from Toronto, Canada and having a global reputation in the music industry, the renowned producer and Founder of Diesel Collective has revealed that his upcoming debut album is currently in the works. The record will be done in collaboration with the likes of Diesel Collective, i.e. Shakkir’s own group of super producers, as well as Landstrip Chip among others.

In a recent interview, Shakkir revealed his plans for the debut album. The producer was quoted as saying, “Between sitting down with major record labels in the Big Apple and traveling the rest of the world with my group, we’ve been keepin’ busy working on the debut album. The final product is gonna be mad for sure.” Apart from revealing his plans for the debut album, Shakkir also talked about his decision for going completely digital in 2021.

Shakkir Brown has been in the music industry for over 7 years now, and throughout this time he has established relationships with some of the biggest major record labels. In a relatively short period of time, the producer has become the go-to guy for many aspiring artists who’ve taken his help in reaching anyone in the music industry or releasing new music. Shakkdiesel also adds that he will be providing his full support to help artists find their way up in the industry and release top quality music.

Off the back of a highly successful 2020, where Shakkir received billboards and newspaper articles coverage for the Diesel Collective, the producer has ventured into several different projects apart from the debut album. He’s currently involved in day trading and crypto, extensive music industry plugs, and is also writing a book.

It seems like an exciting time ahead for the fans of Shakkdiesel as there may be some new material dropping soon. Stay tuned for more updates on the debut album.

To stay on top of the latest news from Shakkir Brown, check out his Instagram at @shakkdiesel.

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