Neuro Force One Launches a New Data Driven App That Will Change the Game of Personal Training

November 03 03:02 2020
Neuro Force One Launches a New Data Driven App That Will Change the Game of Personal Training


NeuroForce1 (NF1), the human performance company that trains Olympians like Henry Cejudo, is launching an app that will be game changing for anyone looking to improve their physical performance. This app powered by NF1 is unique because it incorporates so many variables that lead to athletic and personal success. The app was created in order to be more convenient and accessible for people who do not live in the remote area. NF1 has created a whole new world where people all across the country can find success in the personal training and coaching from NF1 certified performance coaches.

The NF1 App is effective and is going to be life-changing for so many because of its inclusivity. The app includes workouts, programs, nutrition plans, supplement information and so much more. The creators of this app made this a one-stop-shop for any NF1 athlete who is looking to become the best version of themselves. No longer does an athlete need to pull out a laptop or print out a workout plan for a visual guide. Professional training is available by the click of a button, and this type of access is superior to other fitness and nutrition companies.

The app is masterfully organized to avoid confusion for athletes. The home screen is organized into six different sections: training, supplements, nutrition, diagnostics, my evolution and an NF1 about section. The organization of the home screen makes it easy for an athlete to choose what he or she needs depending on what the athlete is looking for at that time. The training page has three different sections: programs, routines and an exercise library. The exercise library is laid out so that each exercise in the folder has a video for demonstration. In addition to the exercise videos, the library includes the region of the body being worked, the muscles being used and the equipment needed to perform the exercise.

Another invaluable asset that the app offers is the ability to enter personalized information including available equipment and desired goals. These goals range from increasing flexibility, cardio, speed, strength, losing weight, rehabilitation, and pain management. Another factor that separates this app from its competitors is the individual training offered. These routines are unique because they are based on daily readiness and self assessment results that are provided in the app. Each program is built differently to cater to the needs of the athlete but every program has the same goals in mind for the athlete to reach optimal performance.

Andre Hicks, Director of Human Performance explained the decision to create the NF1 app by saying, “We needed to create a way to deliver sound, individualized training principles to people that we wouldn’t have the luxury of working with face to face. We didn’t want to build a platform full of one-size-fits-all, generic training programs, we wanted a system that would allow for training and nutrition customizations based on an individual’s unique goals and daily fitness/recovery status. The result was the NF1 App.”

NeuroForce1 is dedicated to the pursuit of optimal Human Performance through trusted and proven training techniques, the latest in sports science and an individualized approach to make everyone the best version of themselves. All programs utilize progressive & well validated modalities and are backed by medical research & science. To learn more about the technologies and methodology used by NeuroForce1, visit their website

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