“Ralphie the Roach” New Book by Sobrino Ray – A Little Story With a Big Message

September 17 06:11 2020

Ralphie The Roach by Sobrino Ray is an enchanting tale that opens your eyes to the world around you know matter where life takes you. By showing you that being kind and fair to everyone you meet is the best way forward in life, it aims to help turn the next generation into the kind, caring and compassionate individuals the world needs now more than ever.

To learn a little more about the writer behind the words, we sat down with the author to hear where the inspiration for the book came from.

“I’ve always believed that being kind and fair to everyone you meet is the best way to live your life, but sadly that’s something that all too many of us are losing sight of. In a world where social media and instant judgements online are now the norm, it’s really important that we tell the next generation all about the importance of being kind. To me, being kind isn’t just something you should aspire to do when you think that it’s called for – it’s something which should become your default setting no matter who you’re talking to.”

Interesting, so what does a world without kindness look like?

“It would look very much like an exaggerated version of what we have right now. People have become increasingly prone to instant judgements of people without knowing the slightest thing about their individual circumstances. That’s why I made my main character a roach – someone who you might not want to share a good time with – so that people understand how these kinds of fast judgements can make others feel. Hopefully I’ve managed to find the right balance between a playful story that makes you smile on the one hand, and an important message that the next generation can take with them on their journey through life on the other.”

It’s a powerful point when you put it like that, so what does Ray hope the future holds for the world now that these words are down on paper?

“No one can predict what the world will look like a decade from now, but I truly hope that the children who grow up reading books like mine will become the leaders of tomorrow. If we can just get acts of kindness to be something approaching the norm then we will already be halfway there. And if we can make people sit back and think about how they’ve made others feel, even if it were unintentionally, then that will go a long way to making the world a fairer, kinder and more open place for us all to live in. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together.”

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