AstroBhava – Homa, The Ancient Indian Vedic Fire Ritual

August 01 06:17 2020
AstroBhava - Homa, The Ancient Indian Vedic Fire Ritual

The Sanskrit term Homa regards to the saintly ceremony where kindled fire in the Havana Kund benefits to request the god. The Vedic ritual Homa accommodates a devotee to achieve the purity and establish himself unshackled from all the infractions. The purpose of this Vedic ritual is to have wisdom from the supreme powers, to get relieved of all the unfortunate consequences due to past life Karmic wrongdoings. The Vedic ritual Homa aids a native to achieve aseptic salvation with the help of Punyams.

In the Vedic ritual of Homa, a devotee gives numerous varieties of Nievedhyam (offerings) in the holy fire to receive benedictions from the god. In ancient times, the Homam ritual was prevalent in Jainism and Buddhism. Gradually the privileges of conducting the Vedic ritual Homa thumped Hindus, and they also affirmed this Vedic ritual in their culture. The Homam ritual acknowledges the holy fire as a means of immediate oblation to the Lord. The devotee gives ample atonements, such as milk, ghee, seeds, grains, and other food items to the god by the holy fire. The Vedic ritual of Homa merges all the five components of the human body, such as fire, earth, air, water, and food.

People belonging to the Hindu religion acknowledges Homa as the most agile method to absolve yourselves from god’s mercy. A person can get an explication to the predicaments concerning job, eradication of restrictions from life, victory over opponents, marriage, speedy cure from illness, progeny, education,  growth in career,  steady financial sources, prospering business, and venture, good health, happy family, etc. by performing Vedic ritual, Homa. The Vedic ritual benefits in Shuddikarn of Nadi, which indicates the scouring of the human soul and mind. Homa also contains environmental advantages as gases discharged while performing the Homa vitalize the environment and abolishes deadly emissions. The vibrations created due to chanting sacred mantras while Homa ritual also have a positive impact on the surroundings.

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