BitTok shines at Turkish Blockchain Economy conference

February 26 02:56 2020

On February 20, BitTok was invited to participate in the Turkish Blockchain Economy conference 2020 (BE2020) as a core exhibitor. BE2020 is the largest and highest standard blockchain and cryptocurrency conference in the Middle East, North Africa and Eurasia. The summit was held in Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, attracting more than 3,000 participants from more than 60 countries and regions, with more than 250 exhibitors and more than 200 excellent media participated in the summit. As a global cryptocurrency trading platform, the comprehensive functional experience of BitTok App left a deep impression on the guests and investors. At the same time, the newly appointed CEO J.D. Salbego also gave a wonderful keynote speech in the summit.

Recently, J.D. Salbego officially became the new CEO of BitTok, a global cryptocurrency trading ecosystem. J.D. Salbego is a global leader in the fields of blockchain, digital assets, securities tokens and distributed finance. He has more than ten years of experience in blockchain, digital asset trading and funds, supervision and internationalization strategies, his outstanding experience has been reported in Forbes, Business Insider Insider, Yahoo and others.  Since 2020, J.D. Salbego has made many constructive upgrades to BitTok’s global strategic planning and product service layout, helping the BitTok trading ecosystem to continue to grow and expand.

J.D. Salbego delivered a speech at the Turkish Blockchain Economic Conference with the theme “The Role of Exchange as Gatekeepers”, stating that the future digital asset value support will come from actual project teams, application scenarios and projects’ development. As the top-level facility of the global blockchain value network, digital asset exchanges naturally have many important responsibilities, such as strict screening and due diligence of blockchain projects, legal compliance, and active monitoring. BitTok can be consider as a smart housekeeper of global digital asset users, BitTok will strictly fulfill the above responsibilities and establish a global transaction ecosystem with security, interactivity, flexibility, social transaction network, user-friendliness and community-driven. On the basis of protecting global investors, BitTok will continuously enhance the liquidity of digital assets and create value for high-quality digital assets and investors worldwide.

Above photo was showing BitTok CEO- J.D. Salbego presenting a speech at BE2020

One of the main topics of BE2020 is the legality and compliance of digital asset business. A consensus that everyone can generally reach is that licenses are the development trend of cryptocurrency exchanges in the future. Most of the countries will definitely include digital asset trading platform for supervision and license. BitTok will also actively embrace supervision, seek compliance, and develop from an entrepreneurial exchange to a compliance exchange. Currently, BitTok already get the approval license from Canada MSB (Money Service Business License) currency service business, regarding the America license will be get approval after one month Singapore Major Payment Institution License was under the application process.    

BE 2020 are having awards ceremony, the main reason for having this awards ceremony is trying to get a thankful respond for every corporation who are giving the contribution to the society, BitTok are Live up to expectations to get the Honor award. The BitTok CEO J.D. Salbego are the represent BitTok to get the award from BE 2020 event. During the awards ceremony, J.D. Salbego are mention that, gratitude the BE 2020 giving the award to BitTok, and BitTok was very honored to be awarded this honor. In further, J.D. Salbego hope that blockchain industry from all over the world can work together, and giving their best contribution to distributed the economy around the world.

Above photo are BitTok CEO J.D. Salbego representative the company express awards on behalf of the company

In the future, BitTok will, as always, provide convenient, secure and stable services, hoping to provide a truly trusted digital asset platform for global users. 

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