Stitch Publicity offers Clients Guaranteed Publicity

January 15 23:06 2020

New York, New York – Jan 15, 2020 – Today, Stitch Publicity has made its Guaranteed Publicity program available directly to the business consumer marketplace. For years Stitch Publicity services have worked exclusively through a reseller network of global public relations firms as a facilitator of media engagement for difficult to serve industry niches. Now, Stitch is making this service available directly to companies in all industries at the same deeply discounted pricepoint as was offered to its resellers before this shift in the company’s business model.

“Our passion for serving the needs of the client has enabled us to make the easy decision to drop the intermediary brokers and focus on building stronger relationships directly with the client to more easily achieve the ultimate goals and aspiration of each company we serve,” explains Ruth Morgan, VP of Operations at Stitch Publicity. She continued, “At the end fo the day, it’s just easier to make bigger, faster, and more profound media engagement wins if we are dealing directly with the client as opposed to an intermediary public relations firm.”

Stitch launches this new initiative with it’s most powerful yet affordable Guaranteed Publicity package to date, which includes:

• 4 to 8+ Media Engagements Each Month!

• Continuous Media & Influencer Outreach & Promotion!

• Access to Our Full-Service Production Studio w/ Free Video Editing!

• Up to 4+ Publicity Campaigns That Run Simultaneously (We Promote Your Brand, Product, Service, and Key Executives)!

• We Write and Distribute Your Press Releases to Targeted Media Outlets!

• Each Media Engagement You Accept Will Receive Its Own Viral Social Media Campaign!

And much more!

Stitch Publicity serves clients in North America, Europe, and Asia and is currently expanding its domestic operations to Los Angeles, Orlando, and Washington DC. Focussing on the small and medium-sized business market, Stitch now offers Thought Leadership services that enable organizations to promote their c-suite executives with dynamic and continuous media engagement that promotes executive pedigree while simultaneously expanding the company’s brand and market position.

About Stitch Publicity:

Stitch Publicity is a boutique public relations firm that is hyper-focused on the Guaranteed Publicity niche within the industry of PR. Stitch offers a continuous cycle of media outreach and can run up to four simultaneous campaigns per client that focus on products, services, corporate brand, and executive Thought Leadership. With more than a decade serving public relations firms as a facilitator for media engagement for polarized niches business genres, Stitch Publicity as the contact base and strategic approach to winning continuous media engagement for the most challenging industry niches.

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