The Magic in Plants HOUSBRUG Won the Title of “New Zealand Most Popular with Women Beverage Brand”

September 28 19:40 2023

In New Zealand, an island country known as the world’s most outstanding natural environment advantage, natural and pure products have become the favored consumption standard of residents. Among them, a functional drink brand with pure plant ingredients as its core brand won the title of “New Zealand Most Popular with Women Beverage Brand” in 2014, becoming one of the most popular functional drink brands among New Zealand women. That is HOUSBRUG, the largest functional drink brand in the southern hemisphere known as the plant magician. Over the years, the functional drink market has transformed several times, but HOUSBRUG remains firmly on the throne of New Zealand’s leading functional drink brand, and the secret of its success is curious.

New Zealand is known as one of the most livable countries in the world, with a superior quality of life. There is fresh air, a beautiful natural landscape, diverse cultural life and rich sports and entertainment activities. But few people know that New Zealand is also one of the countries with the strictest regulations on food and health products in the world. Any food sold in New Zealand must meet strict requirements in chemical, microbiological, nutritional composition standards and other fields before it can be sold on the market. For the functional drink market, New Zealand has established a “traceability system” through which any product’s production and sales process can be found. This effectively protects the consumption safety of New Zealanders. Almost any functional drinks containing hormones and prohibited ingredients cannot be put on the shelves in New Zealand.

HOUSBRUG was founded in 2009 by Dr. John House, a Ph.D. in chemistry, and Dr. Raman Capella, a Ph.D. in nutrition. It focuses on developing functional daily beverages and candies with natural, evident and long-lasting effects, so that health and beauty can radiate from the inside out. In more than ten years, HOUSBRUG has become the leading functional beverage and food brand in the Southern Hemisphere with more than ten patent applications and various concentrated nutritional ingredients. In 2014, HOUSBRUG was fully established in hundreds of pharmacies and supermarkets in New Zealand. The same year, it was selected as “New Zealand’s Most Popular with Women Beverage Brand”.

As the most famous functional drink brand in the southern hemisphere, HOUSBRUG has become popular in New Zealand primarily because it has adhered to the natural concept of extracting active ingredients from plants since its inception. It is reported that HOUSBRUG has its scientist workstations in Australia and New Zealand, whose members include Nobel Prize winners and many of the world’s top life scientists and botanists. They search for high-quality precious plant ingredients from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Peru and other countries, and use advanced patented extraction technology to separate high-purity active ingredients. Finally, they maintain the activity of the elements through formula and sealing design, making the product genuinely natural and using the energy of plants to help the body achieve a better state.

Just recently, HOUSBRUG announced that it has signed two more life scientists to continue to improve its research and development capabilities. This has allowed the brand to find its own growth code and use technology to build its brand shield.

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