Shanghai High School Graduate Sharing: Sophia’s Reflection on Finding Passion and Support at Wellington

September 13 05:47 2023

The 2022-23 academic year is quickly coming to a close at Wellington College International Shanghai, one of the top high schools in Shanghai. Soon, another class of accomplished graduates will leave to achieve great things. But before then, some of the Class of 2023 Leavers are reflecting on their transformative experiences and what the future holds.

Sophia, a former boarder, shares her memories of building unique and lasting friendships with her fellow pupils at Wellington College International Shanghai. Attending this prestigious Shanghai high school also allowed her to discover her talent for the performing arts. Through hard work and resilience, Sophia received an offer from the renowned Berklee College of Music. With the support of her teachers at Wellington College International Shanghai, she is inspired to pursue a career as an educator and may even return to join them as a teacher. As she looks back on her time at this top high school in Shanghai, Sophia shares her thoughts on how they have helped shape her into the person she is today. 

Wellington College International Shanghai

The freedom to find one’s passions at the best high school in Shanghai

“What I love most about Wellington is that we have the freedom to be ourselves. Everyone can just do what they love without fear of being judged by others. It is just a very accepting and tolerant environment. If I did not go here, I do not think I would be as interested in music or sports as I am today. I learned how to play netball here, and I really, really got into it. And then I joined a team for a couple of years. That built my confidence. Music-wise, Wellington provided me with opportunities to perform. I sing and I do theatre. I love musicals. Being on stage so often was also a great way to build confidence.”

Wellington College International Shanghai

Finding a family away from home at Wellington College International Shanghai

“It is impossible for me to say what my favorite Wellington memory is because I have so many of them. But I started out living in the boarding facility, and that was really fun. Every night, we would have a different activity, like playing capture the flag on the sports field, or sometimes we would bake something in the kitchen. We were like a small family. In fact, my roommate and I became so close, I look at her like sister. I am really thankful for that.”

The courage to pursue a dream at the best high school in Shanghai

“My goal has long been to go to Berklee College of Music. I really want to be in an environment where I am surrounded by music every single day, so Berklee is basically my dream school. Wellington definitely helped me achieve this goal. The more stage time I got, the more comfortable and confident I became as a performer. The less stage fright I had to contend with.”

An empowering support system at the best high school in Shanghai

“I have always felt supported at Wellington. Every day, I think I get asked by at least one teacher, ‘How are you doing? ‘or ‘How are you feeling?’ They are always checking up on us. This is one of the things that has inspired me to pursue my career path. I want to be a music teacher! In fact, I am seriously considering coming back here to teach and pass on what I have learned to younger Wellingtonians.”

In Conclusion

Wellington College International Shanghai has provided a transformative education to Sophia, allowing her to discover passions, build confidence, and achieve her dreams. The supportive and accepting community has made her feel at home, inspiring her to pursue a career as a music teacher and consider returning to Wellington College International Shanghai.

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