The Emerging Star; Andrea N Saquinaula Shines Bright as Miss Jr. Teen New York US Nation 2023

September 11 20:15 2023

This June, the Miss New York US Nation 2023 beauty pageant was held at the prestigious Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel. The spectacular event converged the industry’s finest talents and among the stars, who beamed on the stage that night, was the charismatic Andrea N Saquinaula, the winner of the title of Miss Jr. Teen New York US Nation 2023, whose inspiring disposition had already left its mark on the world of beauty and fashion.

Her journey is one of perseverance, dignity, and aptitude. Rising from New York, this bright star started her modeling expedition four years ago and since then she has not stopped working on her dreams for an instant. Andrea stepped into the limelight when she won the crown for Miss Jr. Teen Brooklyn US Nation 2023, as a titleholder in the Miss US Nation Pageants opening doors to infinite opportunities. This remarkable success proved to be a turning point in her life as she had always dreamt, like many aspiring models, of gracing the big runways. Her guiding principles had always been her passion for modeling and the charm of the fashion industry.

This year, Andrea’s ambitions took her to several notable fashion events. She graced the stage of the prestigious Super Chic Fashion Week events in NYC, Philadelphia & Boston, wowing the audience with her charisma and talent. Her passion for modeling didn’t hinder her success in academics, as she made sure that her educational responsibilities to her are met, no matter how hard the schedule got.

Andrea’s stardom journey is a ray of hope for the young talent everywhere. Her aspirations transcend glamour and glitz. By balancing her passion and responsibilities to herself, she serves as a role model for young aspiring models that anything can be achieved if you put your soul into it and learn to value and treasure your time. Her most recent participation was at the Super Chic Boston Fashion Week in Boston, MA, where she graced the runway, further solidifying her position as a rising star in the fashion world. She is proudly sponsored by F.R.G. Barbershop in Brooklyn, NY, a testament to her community’s support and faith in her potential.

Triumphing a state title as a tween in the competitive world of pageantry is no small feat and being guided and supported by her family, Andrea treasures the prospects that lie ahead. Her success lies in her unyielding will and it is a testament to her resolution and strength. Her mission is to sow the seeds of self-belief in those who look up to her, and her story conveys the message that:

“People are capable at any time in their lives of doing what they dream of.” -Paulo Coelho

Her story encourages us all to work for our dreams with relentless determination, not caring about age, and to believe in the extraordinary power of self-confidence. As she continues to shine in her life’s journey, we can only look forward to witnessing her continued ascent to stardom.

Photo Credits: Jabbar Walker (Instagram: @art_of_jabbar)

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