Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd Offers High-Quality Printable Wallpaper and Digital Printing Media Solutions for Domestic and International Markets

May 03 13:26 2023
Clients searching for newly-designed digital printing media will find a variety of choices at Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd, such as self-adhesive canvas, composite wallpaper, whiteboard sticker, glass sticker, etc.

Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd is a one-stop company for digital printing media, especially printable wallpaper wall fabric materials. It is committed to being an innovative enterprise with highly advanced equipment and technology as well as a rich experience in the manufacture of digital printing media. The firm has a strong development force with modern R&D facilities and advanced production equipment, which have effectively reduced manufacturing time and cost. Every digital printing media is made in keeping with the highest quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction. Numerous clients regularly visit this factory’s website just to find suitable digital printing media. The products are well displayed, timely shipped, and of good quality. Meanwhile, the customers can find all the necessary information on the website, including details of the products and prices. They have received multiple orders from domestic and international markets and have received several letters of appreciation from esteemed customers.

Shanghai ONEW New Material Co.,Ltd

The self-adhesive wallpaper is clearly displayed on the website, along with full-color pictures. It is a high-quality product made from the latest technology and equipment. The wallpaper is now in huge customer demand due to its excellent features, such as high strength and high quality. It can be easily stuck onto any surface, and the whole process takes only 90 seconds. Many users like decorating their walls with this wallpaper and usually purchase more than one roll. The surface is smooth, firm, waterproof, and well-shaped. The wallpaper is durable and has good color fastness.

The Floral self-adhesive wallpaper is also found on the website. It is made from the best raw material, so it’s very colorfast. The wallpaper has a unique pattern that can suit most people’s tastes. It’s a beautiful design, and bright colors attract customers, especially women and kids. They love to decorate their walls with this wallpaper and love to buy different designs to suit their home decoration. Another feature of this wallpaper is that it can be easily installed, and it’s not even a big deal for professional workers to install them. It is convenient, beautiful, and practical.

The peel-and-stick canvas is a high-quality product customized in various colors and sizes. It is super waterproof and can be scrubbed clean if there are some stains on the surface. Customers love it because it’s very easy to install, it lasts long, and they also like this wallpaper because of its colorfastness, texture, and sewing quality. They can also find the specifications on the website and the price.

About Shanghai ONEW New Material Co.,Ltd

Shanghai ONEW New Material Co., Ltd has more than 20 years of experience in digital printing media manufacturing and development. The company has been focusing on producing non-woven wallpaper, self-adhesive canvas, paperback PVC textured wallpaper, composite wallpaper, and whiteboard stickers for many years, which is one big reason for its success today. With strong production capacity, advanced R&D facilities, and a new staking plant in-house, this firm has set itself on a solid foundation to win the trust of domestic and foreign customers worldwide.

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