Ticketor Introduces Solution to Integrate Ticketing with Bar, Restaurant, Giftshop, and Concession

March 15 07:44 2023
    Ticketor for your store, giftshop, bar, restaurant, concessions and for selling merchandise or services

Ticketor, the white-label event ticketing and box-office system, has introduced a new feature to integrate the food, drink and merchandise sales with ticketing and box-office. It allows for a single integrated system to be used for all online and in-person sales including tickets, food, drink, giftshop items and any other merchandise or services that may be offered. 

With this integrated system, buyers can order food, drink, and giftshop items along with their tickets or donations in one single transaction. 

They can order food or drink from the comfort of their seat in the venue and have it delivered to them in certain location inside the venue, such as their seat in the theater, their table in the restaurant or to the lounge, conference room, jacuzzi, pool, their cabana, their booth, their room, tennis court, etc. Or they can order while they are on the way and pick it up as they arrive at the venue. Items can also be ordered for shipping, while food or drink can be ordered for local home delivery.

Staff, waiters, bartenders, and cashiers can sell merchandise or place orders in-person or over the phone using the POS (Point of Sales) application and accept cash or credit card.

QR codes can be posted as signs in different locations of the venue or on the restaurant tables that take the buyer directly to the ordering page.

Kitchen and bar staff will receive the orders as they are placed on a “Preparation page” and they can update the progress and status of the order.

Items, food and drink can be upsold and promoted during the checkout process. 

Integrated reporting, billing, user management, user balances, and contactless / cashless operation are among other advantages. 

This new feature makes Ticketor a great fit for all venues and events who also offer food, drink and merchandise.  

Ticketor has published a detailed article and video that explains the feature in detailed, as well as the buyer and staff experience and setup instruction that can be found at “Ticketor for store, giftshop, bar, restaurant, concessions and for selling merchandise or services

Ticketor has been servicing the events and ticketing industry with their white-label ticketing and box-office system since 2006 for industries such as venues, live theater, festivals, sports, concerts, conferences, cinemas, schools and more. The system is known for being very featureful, flexible and easy to learn and use as well as very cost effective.

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