Alara Sage and Host of Label Free Podcast, Deanna Kuempel Encourage Women to Reclaim Their Power

February 27 15:46 2023
In this podcast, Deanna Radulescu interviews Alara Sage, an intuitive mentor and coach who helps women become more impactful and embrace their power. Alara’s journey to this point began with her working with horses and learning about energy. She also had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening and was eventually guided to work with women. Alara believes that everyone, men and women alike, has access to the empathic and psychic gifts that can be unlocked to help them lead more powerful lives.

Chicago, IL, USA – February 27, 2023 – In today’s world, it is increasingly important to empower ourselves with feminine energy. This energy can be found in many different ways, but is often overlooked or forgotten. One way to tap into this powerful energy is through the teachings of Alara Sage. Sage is an intuitively gifted mentor, teacher, and healer who coaches provocatively and soulfully. She helps women become impactfully present and experience greater influence, power, and bliss by embracing their womanhood.

Sage’s journey to becoming a teacher of feminine energy began when she was a scuba diving instructor. Through her time underwater, she was able to connect with the Earth and her own being. She then transitioned to working with horses, which taught her about healing and energy. Sage then experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening, which sent a shot of energy through her body and brought her to a state of orgasmic bliss. After this experience, she began to understand the power of feminine energy.

Sage believes that everyone has the capacity for psychic abilities, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognance. As a child, she had many imaginary friends and experienced lucid dreaming, but had to go through a transformation to tap into her gifts. Sage now helps other women tap into their own feminine energy and power. Through her teachings, women can learn to become impactfully present and experience greater influence, power, and bliss.

Empowering ourselves with feminine energy can be a difficult task, but it is an important one. By connecting with the Earth, working with animals, and learning from teachers such as Alara Sage, we can begin to understand our own power and embrace our womanhood. With this newfound energy, we can become more present and experience greater influence, power, and bliss.

On Label Free: “To live your best life, live label free”, Host Deanna Radulescu unpacks how Alara Sage helps women empower themselves to tap back into their scxual power. To watch or listen to this impactful conversation head to the links below:

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