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January 16 15:24 2023

Filipino-Canadians in Canada will be receiving a voice within the entrepreneurial community, thanks to Founder Grace Yan (President/CEO). Launching the Philippines Chamber of Commerce Canada in Calgary and opening chapters worldwide, this will be a great opportunity for both aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced business owners to be unified. With this diversified blend of members (open to all nationalities), they will be able to share commonalities and strengthen the global business community. 

The Filipino-Canadian community within Canada is one that is rapidly expanding, and in 2021, just over 7 in 10 Filipinos (72.6%) had immigrated to Canada in the previous 20 years. With over 900,000 Filipinos residing in Canada alone (216,710 in Alberta), it is exciting to witness a business community come together, helping contribute to the local economy and sharing common goals with both the local and international entrepreneurs. Known for their strong work ethic, generosity and hospitableness, Filipino-Canadian members will be able to contribute an incredibly important element to other fellow members and the overall organisation. 

The newly launched Philippines Chamber of Commerce Canada aims to create a worldwide community of Filipino founders, business leaders, startups, innovators, experts and aspiring to inspire each other, collaborate ideas and meaningful relationships. It is a truly immersive community for entrepreneurs, building the community through professional programs, tools, and crucial connections needed to create a strong knit web of solid business. 

Members will be able to attend global conferences throughout the affiliate cities/chapters, learn to become a speaker, become part of the investor programme, and many other benefits. There is exclusive member discounts and perks.  Raise your reputation through membership.  Have a voice – gain a say with what happens in government through the Chambers advocacy efforts.  And staying in touch is made care-free by member-only newsletters, virtual conferences, summits, private events and more, creating an environment where business leaders can continuously improve, grow and collaborate.

To find out how to sign up or for more information, please visit or email [email protected]

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