Molly Campbell Featured in an Exclusive Interview with Authority Magazine

January 04 17:16 2023
“Own Your Self Esteem” Author Discusses How Journaling Helped Her Become More Calm, Mindful, and Resilient in an Interview for the Latest Issue of Authority Magazine.

Brighton, CO, USA – January 4, 2023 – Authority Magazine, known for its in-depth interviews with Authorities in business, pop culture, wellness, social impact, and tech, has issued a series on “How Journaling Helped Me Be More Calm, Mindful, And Resilient”. For this feature, Jake Frankel interviewed the best-selling author of “Finding Empowerment in Grief and Loss”, Molly Campbell.

Authority Magazine uses interviews to draw out stories that are both empowering and actionable. “Journaling builds resiliency by helping you become a better observer of yourself,” explained Campbell in her interview. “You can learn so much from looking back on your feelings, behaviors, actions, and reactions. You can get perspective and make constructive changes in your life based on reviewing your reality in your journal pages.”

After the introduction of “Finding Empowerment & Grief & Loss” on the Amazon Bestseller list in February 2022, other versions including a journal/workbook/adult coloring book and a downloadable online course with workbook and guided videos, all of the same title, were made available. Campbell, who for years has been dedicated to boosting people’s confidence via coaching, lost her husband of 30 years on the cusp of the COVID epidemic.

In the time of isolation that followed, Campbell withdrew inside, writing extensively about her struggles to cope with her profound loss. In an exclusive interview with Authority Magazine, Campbell describes how journaling helped her become more calm, mindful and resilient. The article can be read at

Campbell discovered a framework that helped her survive in the darkest time of her life and her purpose in journaling was revealed. She found her format was adaptable to the unique journeys of others in grief and loss, providing a guided path for anyone to take to unburden themselves, uncover who they are beneath their grief, and instead of despair, find hope for their future.

People can find out more about Molly Campbell’s work in raising people’s self-esteem, beginning with those in grief and loss in ‘Finding Empowerment in Grief and Loss’, which is a journaling journey for widows, widowers, or anyone experiencing a significant loss. The book, workbook/journal/adult coloring book and online workbook with guided videos are available at

About Molly Campbell

Molly Campbell is a best selling-author, public speaker and Self-Esteem Specialist. During her corporate tenure, Molly was a billion-dollar money manager, corporate COO, and VP. She was an entrepreneurial Partner in a clinic and has many certifications in alternative healing modalities for humans, horses and dogs.

Molly has always been passionate about increasing people’s self-esteem through coaching, but never more than when she was widowed on the verge of complete isolation during the COVID pandemic as she became her own client. Through intense introspection, a process of focusing her grief through many layers of journaling allowed her to survive, thrive and ultimately want to share her experiences and methods with others.

Today, Molly is devoted to personal coaching and advocates for more open communications among people about their unique struggles with loss, ways to gain strength and improved confidence from grief and find unexpected hope for the future.

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