Matexcel Offers a Comprehensive List of Bioglass Products for Research Use

December 26 18:41 2022
Matexcel now offers a comprehensive list of bioglass products in different particle sizes for research use.

New York, USA – December 26, 2022 – Matexcel, a leading service provider in material science, now offers a comprehensive list of bioglass products in different particle sizes for research use.

Bioglass or Bioactive glass, is a kind of glass with special composition structure. This special composition and structure endow it with good biocompatibility, bioactivity, osteoconductivity and certain degradability, so it can be used as a bioactive material for human tissue repair. When implanted into the human body, bioglass can conduct close ion exchange with human body fluids, and finally form a hydroxyapatite layer on its surface that is similar to bone tissue composition, thereby forming a firm chemical bond with human bone tissue or soft tissue, and inducing bone formation. tissue regeneration.

In addition, various ions released by bioglass, such as Si ions, Ca ions, etc., can stimulate osteoprogenitor cells at the genetic level and promote the growth of new bone. At present, as the third-generation bone tissue repair material, bioglass has been successfully used in the treatment and repair of bone injuries and periodontal defects, and has received extensive attention in the fields of chemical materials and medicine.

Supported by a team of sophisticated scientists, Matexcel now provides 45s, 58s, 63s, 77s, 85s, S53P4, 19-93B3 borate-based as well as custom-made bioglass with different particle sizes.

Bioactive glass, 58s bioglass powder, 63s bioglass powder, 55s bioglass powder, 77s bioglass powder, 80s bioglass powder, 85s bioglass powder, S53P4 bioglass powder, and 13-93 bioglass powder are among the bioglass products available from Matexcel.

Brief introduction about one of the products mentioned above:


Product Name
Bioactive glass

Particle Size

Chemical Composition %
SiO2 45±3.0; P2O5 6±2.0; CaO 24.5±3.0; Na2O 24.5±3.0; Pb ≤50ppm

Bone-filling materials, bio-coating, bone damage repair and high-temperature adhesives, etc.

The entire Matexcel bioglass product line can be found here:

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