Is Rapping Artist JXXAS The Next Big Thing In The Global Music Industry?

December 21 18:50 2022
Is Rapping Artist JXXAS The Next Big Thing In The Global Music Industry?

J. Hughley Jr. professionally known as JXXAS is reinventing the global music industry with his powerful and trailblazing music. An Atlanta, Georgia native, he is a rising hip-hop fame, rapper, and artist with an influential background. He is the son of the famous designer LaNikki of “VNJDESIGNS” who is well-rooted in the global fashion industry. He aspires to work with hip hop influentials like Juice WRLD, Eminem, Billie Eilish, Hopsin, NF, and XXXTENTACION to name. As these artists would make great directorial pioneers enabling him to list down the do’s and don’ts blueprint accordingly.

Starting at a very young age and brimming with his passion, Jamal has developed a great hold over rapping skills and the hip-hop genre of music. His early singles such as “In My Mind” and “Lifestyle” created a huge buzz as soon as they were launched. It was only a matter of time right before the world could shake, dance, party, and move as beautifully as most of our people would.

JXXAS is certainly one of the bestselling rappers and artists that has been making integral progress in the sphere of music. He is one immensely talented brother who possesses everything one could need to become the next big thing in the global music industry. He ensures keeping his merch game absolutely on point every single time. Soon, JXXAS will be coming out with his new single, “Anti-Monster”.

What motivates JXXAS to produce such high-on-life and exciting rap music is to leave a positive impact on his listeners. His music singles have been meticulously blended to deliver a fast-paced and evocative listening experience to his global audiences. With aspirations to achieve the pinnacle of success in the industry and to take over the world.

As an artist, the 16-year-old rapper stands out due to his unique voice, creativity, background, and family. There is a belief in Jamal’s mind that any artist can achieve success in the music industry if they remain focused and determined, keep God first, work hard, and keep on trying until they succeed. The rapper says, “I am keeping God above all else and have aspirations of becoming the best in the industry and taking over the world before I am 35 years old.”

In his spare time, he plays basketball, video games, raps, and prays. The stories he tells in his music allow him to express his true self without compromising what is real. Currently, he is gearing up to release his new single, “Anti-Monster”. Known for continuously reinventing himself, JXXAS’s upcoming single will catch music fans off guard. In the near future, he also plans to launch his newest collection of clothing apparel.

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