Communities In Schools Jacksonville: Duval County Schools Homepage credits it as a remarkable and outstanding non-profit organization

August 12 17:25 2022
Communities In Schools Jacksonville: Duval County Schools Homepage credits it as a remarkable and outstanding non-profit organization
Communities In Schools Jacksonville
Communities In Schools Jacksonville is a nonprofit organization that aims to increase the graduation rate of students across Duval County. We have known about their ardent efforts from the Duval County Schools Homepage.

We often read in newspapers about students committing suicides or leaving schools and engaging in wrongdoings. These pieces of news are alarming for society and disturbing for all individuals. As social people, we should guide the young generation on the right path. And Communities In Schools Jacksonville does this work effortlessly. They work in three areas, namely: case management, literacy tutoring, and after-school.

The body of work that this non-profit organization has been doing will make any individual spellbound. With over thirty years of experience, as mentioned in website, it can be understood that this organization is constantly trying to show the right path to the youngsters so that they don’t stay away from society. Literacy is closely associated with the success of any person. It is the sole reason that most educational institutes seek their help to mentor the students. We have been able to come across this fact from the Duval County Schools HomepageA short piece of information regarding their services coaxed us to know more about this organization through website.

The Duval County Website is another place where their services are mentioned in detail and have been praised. We do need the services of these organizations in our society to make it a clean and happy space for teenagers and adolescents. Tender age is most prone to criminal activities and lack of concentration. The bad association is another factor responsible for youngsters following the corrupted path. Hence, this organization can act as a friend and council the students so that they can achieve their goals and fulfill their ambitions. Visit their official website that provides the detailed activities this organization undertakes throughout the year. The transparent services they provide to the schools in Duval County are to be appreciated, and donating to this organization will add to the smooth functioning of the organization.

This organization has served more than 7,500 students in Duval County Public Schools and has helped more than 110,000 individual students facing problems like hunger to homelessness mentioned. Hence, it can be inferred that this organization has a team of people who shoulder the responsibilities given to them with complete loyalty. The fact that most children below 18 living in poverty in Duval County has moved the members of this organization. Moreover, racial inequity, hunger, and mental health disorders are some other challenges that are addressed by this organization.

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