From Being A Fan To A Movie Star, DBS Films Is Leveraging Social Media To Cast From Its Community

August 12 16:45 2022
DBS Films, which wants to revolutionize the studio system, released their 10th horror film, The Haunting of The Murder House.

DBS Films has already made a reputation among its fans due to the amazing horror films they make with fans from their  Discord community. DBS Films recently released their 10th horror film, The Haunting of the Murder House.

The story of The Haunting of The Murder House revolves around four filmmakers who vanished from a haunted house in October. They were live streaming on social media before they disappeared. It is after a year that their footage is found.

Some of the other films made by DBS Films were The Girl in Cabin 13, The Devil in The Room, The The Haunting of the Morgan Estate, and others.

Kellan Rudnicki of DBS Films said, “We make films for our fans and with the help of our fans. We have amassed over 200k followers and 7500 very active discord members. This community of fans is the best part of DBS Films, and they are just as  important in making the films as we are. “

Kellan also revealed that the cast for the films was chosen from their discord channel. Four roles in The Haunting of The Murder House were selected from the fan base. The discord is open for anyone to join and have a chance to be in their movies.

The goal of DBS Films is to bring about changes in the way the studios work. They want to give their fans and community direct access and roles in the feature films that they make.

Brendan Rudnicki said, “Our commitment is to work and reward the community as we grow. We want to provide more opportunities to creatives everywhere.”

DBS Films has already completed its 11th film, which will be released later this year. They also announced that the 12th film would have more than 20 members from the Discord community.

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