Ausanat Humidifier – Unbeatable Limited Time Launch Deal

August 12 19:46 2022

Ausanat has launched a brand-new bedroom Humidifier with 3.5L capacity and 28 hours runtime. The product includes 3 mist levels for baby plants and pets including an ultrasonic essential oil diffuser with 360-degree nozzle. The Ausanat humidifier including 3 modes for controlling the mist with BPA-free and auto shut down capabilities. As part of the launch offer, the company is throwing away 40% discount against the retail price.

Ausanat Humidifier provides three modes for the management of mist such as low, medium and high. The main function of the several modes is to maintain the humidity of the room in various weather conditions. The overall running time can crank up to 15 to 28 hours on the different modes. The cool mist humidifier is suitable for office or bedroom and prevents congestion including dry skin. The addition of 3.5L water tank ensures that the unit runs without interruption for up to 28 hours. This will keep your bedroom moist and comfortable. The water can be filled from the top side without removing the tank to prevent leakage.

Ausanat Humidifier works below 30dB, which provides maximum relaxation during rest and sleep. The timer function maintains ideal humidity and enable you to take deep rest without dry throat. The humidifier can also be used as night light and old diffuser. The 5-color mist humidifier can create different atmosphere with your mood via the night light technology. The activation of 360-degree rotatable nozzle after adding essential oils into the aroma cotton turns the bedroom into refreshing mist and fragrances.

Ausanat Humidifier is manufactured using premium ABS+PP material. The BPA-free diffuser keeps baby and children health safely. The unit automatically switches off when the water level is on a lower side. Grab the launch deal now by claiming flat 40% discount against the retail price of $49.99 for a limited time.

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