Walk-in baths bring wellness to small spaces

August 09 09:36 2022

Walk-in baths from Steam Shower Store mean a person can have a proper bath in the same space as a shower.  Walk in baths are essential to the less abled but also add fun, functionality and value to a home at a price you can afford.

Baths are finally coming back

For years, baths have been disappearing from bathrooms around the UK.  It wasn’t that people stopped enjoying them.  In fact, having a bath has actually become something of a luxury.  The problem was that people just didn’t have space for them. 

Even if they could technically fit one in, they would have lost out on storage space.  What’s more, a lot of modern bathrooms are actually sized to fit showers.  This is particularly common in flats but happens in houses too.

Now, however, there’s finally a solution.  Steam shower store has a range of affordable, easy-access walk-in baths that fit into the same space as a shower.  In fact, you can use an over-bath shower too for the best of both worlds.  Buyers have been enthusiastically snapping them up.

Wellness becomes a priority again

Andrew Ellis, founder and CEO of Steam Shower Store believes that there are two key drivers behind the return to baths.  He says “Firstly, COVID19 brought wellness back to the forefront of people’s minds.  In particular, it highlighted the importance of mental wellness.  Secondly, walk-in baths became affordable enough to be used for general wellness rather than just as mobility aids.”.

He explains “I honestly think that small-format walk-in baths would have gone mainstream a long time ago if they’d been more affordable.  The problem was that their plumbing was a nightmare.  This means that they had to be more expensive than most people could reasonably afford for a standard bathroom.  Now the plumbing issue has been sorted, prices have come down and the market has really started to grow.”.

Walk-in baths aren’t just a way to get clean.  They’re a little bit of luxury in the privacy and convenience of your own home.  They’re a place to soak in warm water, often with bath products to make the experience even more enjoyable.  They’re time to listen to music and/or read a book.  Most of all, they’re time just to clear your mind and be calm.

Mr Ellis believes that walk-in baths are going to be complements to showers rather than replacements for them.  As he points out “Showers absolutely do have their uses and they’re definitely well worth having.  It’s not just about being able to get clean quickly (although that’s often important too).  It’s about the way showers help to invigorate you.  Showering feels completely different from having a bath.  People enjoy them too.  It’s just different.”.

Walk-in baths are convenient for everyone

There’s another, very practical, reason why walk-in baths are becoming popular.  They’re convenient for everyone.  Walk-in baths have long been popular with older people due to their ease of access.  Investing in one means that younger adults are covered both if they have older adults to stay and if they develop mobility issues themselves.  For example, a young adult recovering from an injury might find a walk-in bath a vast improvement on a shower, even with a seat.

Walk-in baths are also perfectly suitable for kids.  If you only have a shower, then investing in a walk-in bath can make it a whole lot easier and more convenient to keep them clean.  If you have a regular bath, then investing in a compact walk-in bath can help you reclaim your floor space while still having access to a bath.  You can also make life a lot more comfortable for any older relatives you have to stay (e.g. grandparents).

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