Creative Bioarray Develops Full-service Support for Transgene Mapping

July 29 19:01 2022
Creative Bioarray announced the release of its Transgene Mapping services to help researchers use fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) to confirm the integration of transgenes and determine their chromosomal band positions.

New York, USA – July 29, 2022 – Creative Bioarray, the world’s leading biotechnology products and services provider, recently announced the release of its Transgene Mapping services, a more comprehensive method that can help researchers use fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) to confirm the integration of transgenes and determine their chromosomal band positions.

Creative Bioarray has developed transgene mapping assays, a powerful tool for sequencing transgenes and their integration sites. Transgene mapping analysis incorporates next-generation sequencing to selectively amplify and sequence transgenes and surrounding genomic regions. This method not only reveals the insertion site and sequence of the integrated transgene, but also enables the detection of single-nucleotide variations, structural variations, and transgene-transgene fusions.

Transgene mapping analysis can identify transgene integration sites and detect structural changes in host DNA at transgene integration sites. Meanwhile, the entire transgene is sequenced and any sequence variations, as well as structural changes within the transgene, are detected and an estimate of the transgene copy number is provided.

Creative Bioarray’s transgene mapping service includes cDNA (2kb~) or genomic DNA fragments on ribbon chromosomes, covering species: human, mouse, rat, hamster, and chicken. With an experienced team, Creative Bioarray can confirm transgene integration and ultimately provide visualization of chromosomal band positions.

Creative Bioarray’s transgene mapping service can identify integration sites and identify transgene integrity (both sequence and structural variants). In addition, the team can help identify the integrity of the host genome near the integration site, breakpoint sequences between the genome and the vector, and vector-vector fusion reads to indicate the presence of concatemers. The service can also be applied to estimate transgene copy numbers for comprehensive genetic characterization of CHO cell lines.

“For transgene mapping, our team of experts can provide detailed reports and expert interpretations of insertion and transgene locations.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Bioarray, she also added, “Our service team can work with you to develop and execute flexible custom-designed experiments to meet your unique needs and goals. If there is a product or service that we do not currently offer, we are committed to customizing the product or service to meet your specific needs.”

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