Custer: Blockchain infrastructure building will be the key to future industry development

July 04 18:01 2022

With the rapid development of the crypto sector and the entry of traditional institutional giants, people’s attention to the crypto sector has further increased. People are beginning to realize that a new disruptive era may be unfolding; however, what most people do not realize is that this disruptive era actually needs some foundation to support it, and that is blockchain infrastructure.

Custer: Blockchain Infrastructure Tools Provider

When talking about the blockchain infrastructure building segment, it is impossible not to talk about the potential stock in this segment – Custer; it is a blockchain infrastructure tool provider that adopts the Tendermint framework to simplify the process of building secure blockchain applications, deploying applications to remote nodes and in a repeatable manner provisioning servers for pushing multi-tier applications and application artifacts using push model settings.

The Custer Network enables fine-grained DevOps implementations to integrate and collaborate on services and resources under the chain, driving the application of blockchain technology in more real-world scenarios that can be extended with plugins to provide more advanced functionality. It is expected to become a trusted “bridge” between the digital and real economies, providing a new generation of public chain infrastructure for building complex distributed business applications.

Custer: Blockchain infrastructure building will be the key to future industry development

What makes Custer stand out in the blockchain infrastructure segment?

A large part of what makes Custer a powerful blockchain infrastructure tool provider has to do with the framework used by the Custer Network; the Custer Network uses the Tendermint framework, which is powerful because it can package the blockchain’s network and consensus layers into a common engine solution, allowing developers to can focus on application development instead of focusing on the complex underlying protocols. Tendermint also uses the Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, which has instant finality: as long as more than a third of the validators are honest, a fork will never be created. Users can be sure that their transactions will be completed immediately after the block is created and with high security.

In addition to the aforementioned Tendermint, the Custer network also introduces the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), the combination of Tendermint and IBC makes the Custer network invincible in the blockchain infrastructure building segment. IBC uses the instant certainty property of Tendermint consensus to allow heterogeneous chains to pass value or data to each other.

Custer: Blockchain infrastructure building will be the key to future industry development

The blockchain industry has unlimited potential, but there is not much time left for us to enter

“Cryptocurrency will be the biggest trend in the next 20 to 30 years, and 20% of Sequoia Capital’s new investments in the U.S. and Europe are cryptocurrency projects.” The partner of Sequoia Capital once said that, as one of the most successful top venture capital firms, Sequoia Capital had pressed into Atari, Cisco, Google, Nvidia and other most dazzling companies in the Internet and financial fields. Along with the continuous penetration and layout of a16z and a number of large venture capitalists such as Sequoia Capital in the crypto field, more venture capitalists are expected to follow suit gradually. With venture capitalists flocking to us, there will be less and less opportunities left in the blockchain industry, leaving little time for us to enter!

Custer is probably one of the best opportunities in the future blockchain industry. Custer’s innovative network framework, superior underlying network design and powerful application expansion features make me unforgettable after using it once, and Custer is a very developer-friendly blockchain infrastructure tool provider. The creativity of every developer in the Custer network will be maximized.

More fields will adopt the Custer network in the future, especially finance, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, which have a high demand for application layer development. As blockchain technology is applied to these different domains, new use cases will emerge and we will see new ecosystems built on the Custer Network.

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