Creative Bioarray Offers Cell Immortalization Service to Support Cell Study in Clinical Drug Development

December 24 21:01 2021
Creative Bioarray announced the release of its cell immortalization services to support cell study in clinical drug development.

New York, USA – December 24, 2021 – Creative Bioarray, the world’s leading biotechnology products and services provider focused on developing unique technologies and cutting-edge products in order to facilitate the research of life science and biology. With a wide range of high-quality normal human and animal cells, Creative Bioarray is experienced in supporting cell studies and its applications in clinical drug development. Recently, Creative Bioarray announced the release of its cell immortalization services to support unique solutions of biomedical research.

Cell culture is an important tool for studying the basic principles of genetic background variables. With the development of personalized medicine, this is increasingly applicable to drug development and safety testing. Currently, primary batteries are used for these purposes. However, the number of primary cells is usually insufficient, and the reproducibility of the test is limited. The application of this immortalization technology can quickly, efficiently and reliably produce an unlimited number of personalized cells. Therefore, these cell systems support mechanism research, epidemiological research, and custom drug development. Based on an experienced team of scientists and a well-designed technology platform, the cell immortalization service provided by Creative Bioarray has been able to successfully enable cells from any species and any tissue to have the functions required by customers. Customized immortalization services can significantly expand the replication capabilities of target cells.

Creative Bioarray provides cell immortalization services covering immortal cell lines of any species and any tissue with the functions required by customers and can perform phenotypic characterization according to customer requirements. The entire project is designed and processed by experienced scientists.

Immortalized cell lines are essential for biomedical research, but establishing new cell lines can be tricky and frustrating. With years of cell immortalization experience, Creative Bioarray has developed the most comprehensive immortalized cell line, including human immortalized cells, mouse immortalized cells and other immortalized cells. Creative Bioarray also provides customized cell immortalization services to satisfy unique solutions.

Creative Bioarray can provide an integrated platform for immortalized human cell lines and murine cell lines to meet the needs of almost all related research projects. Besides, there are also derivatives of immortalized cells (such as cell pellets, cDNA, RNA, extracellular vesicles) available from Creative Bioarray.

“Creative Bioarray provides a wide range of cell services to customers around the world. We have more than 10 years of experience in cell biology and cell culture, and can recommend strategies and provide contract services for cell-based analysis, including cell line testing, stem cell research, and iPS cell research.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Bioarray, she also added, “We can provide cell services for a variety of different organs and tissues according to your needs, and the complete technical platform and professional technicians ensure the reliability and accuracy of the results.”

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Creative Bioarray is dedicated to offering customers innovative biotechnology products and services for research use to greatly enhance and drive innovation and standards in science. As a well-recognized industry leader with more than 10 years of experience and in-house expert support, Creative Bioarray has already countenanced research all around the world.

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