Hollyland’s COSMO C1 is a Game Changer for Wireless Video Live Streaming

November 12 18:06 2021
Unparalleled video transmission stability: industry first UVC integration for instant FHD stream to PC

Shenzhen, China – November 11th, 2021 – The newest member of Hollyland’s COSMO series, the COSMO C1, establishes a new standard for real-time video monitoring at up to 1,000ft line-of-sight, thanks to Hollyland’s transformative HEVO wireless transmission technology. With COSMO C1, you finally have a complete, but simple, solution for streaming and cloud-sharing your video creativity. Designed for precise follow focus and high image clarity, COSMO C1 is a silver bullet for videographers and focus pullers. It’s time to say “Hi” to a whole-new smooth viewing experience.

Smooth video, even in challenging situations

COSMO C1’s boosted signal strength and superior anti-interference capability in the 5.1GHz-5.8GHz spectrum guarantee buttery-smooth video transmission, even in complex environments. The COSMO C1 is also the first in its field to integrate UVC (USB Video Capture) technology, COSMO C1 offers a whole simplified solution to stream and cloud-share your video works.

HEVO uses adaptive frequency hopping (AFH), in only 0.001 seconds, at both receiving and transmitting ends, plus seamless re-transmission technology. Together, these features give you exceptional reliability, boosted signal strength, and superior anti-interference performance. No matter whether you’re using manual or auto-switching modes, you can wave goodbye to flickering, glitches, and black screens. Moreover, you can simultaneously run four of these video transmission systems at one location without compromising on smooth video delivery.

Simple USB-C connectivity

With COSMO C1, you only need one USB-C connection to provide 1080P60 FHD video quality to a computer for direct live streaming, thanks to HEVO’s support for UVC (USB Video Capture). There’s no video capture device needed, and no additional settings. You just have to connect one simple USB-C cable and it just works!

HEVO brings ultra-low latency and glitch-free performance

Based on Hollyland’s self-developed protocol, HEVO technology improves video coding efficiency by 30%. The acceleration module embedded in COSMO C1 achieves ultra-low latency as low as 40ms, aided by HEVO’s fast adaptive frequency hopping (AFH) and seamless retransmitting technology. There is no compromise on image output and transmission latency within a wide 1,000ft LOS range.

Unparalleled compatibility and flexibility

COSMO C1 supports HDMI and SDI connections on both TX and RX units, plus an SDI loop-out on the TX unit. It can work with any mainstream camera, monitor, or switcher. In addition, there are three power supply options to escort in different shooting scenes. DC power supply is great for indoor projects, while the N-PF/L-series battery and power-capable USB-C port help make the unit portable for run and gun missions. The red low battery indicator lets you know when you have 20 minutes of battery power remaining, to prevent last-minute panics.

Provides everything you need

The COSMO C1’s highlights include up to 1,000ft LOS range, superior anti-interference making it possible to run four systems at one location, HEVO for low latency and stable frequency hopping, 1080P60 FHD video over a single USB cable, vertical and horizontal mounting options, and three versatile power supply options.

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