‘Robbie Keeps the Key’ by Chuck Walko Explores Intimate Personal and Family Complexities with Ease

November 09 20:41 2021

“Robbie Keeps the Key” by Chuck Walko is a tender tale of a family, where the father finds the courage to reveal and come out to his teenage son while on a ski trip with his son and his lover. Chuck Walko has done a brilliant job keeping in mind the still controversial nature of the subject, giving the reader an enjoyable time right from page one.

Robbie Roberts, a star basketball player, enters his ski hotel room with a shocked expression. He has just heard something that he wouldn’t have dreamt of in his life. A few minutes back, he was with his father in the hotel room he thought they were supposed to share, as usual. But not this time. His father had brought his friend Cee Jay along to come out and reveal the background story Robbie never knew.

Robbie Roberts’ father was bi before he got married, and his fiancé accepted this knowledge. Robbie’s dad was 100% faithful to his wife after Robbie was born; but now, many years later, he met Cee Jay, whom he loved before Robbie was born. Robbie’s mom knows and accepts her husband’s relationship. In a very touching scene she explains this to Robbie.

Chuck has woven a story that goes into many complicated plots, like Cee Jay also being the teacher of Robbie’s sister, Barbie. And then there is Donavon Rice, the football player, who meets Robbie at the resort swimming pool. Donavon eventually takes Barbie to the senior prom, and things really get messy after that as Robbie has to deal with his feelings toward his father as well as his relationship with Donavon.

Robbie Keeps the Key” will be loved by all fans of LGBT fiction and those who are wondering how to tackle intimate family issues with ease. This book is available on Amazon.

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