CNC Intelligence Inc. Emerges As A Trustworthy Company For Digital Asset Recovery.

November 05 23:16 2021
To combat digital asset theft, CNC Intelligence, Inc. offers a range of services, including tracing, investigations, background reports, recovery, and litigation support that will help investors regain lost financial assets and prevent the spread of cybercrime.

The online digital asset exchange market is heating up. Digital assets and currencies are changing the way the global population transacts with each other. And while it’s great that people are growing more accustomed to this new way of making payments, it has brought new security concerns. Easy to move around and trade, these digital coins can be lost or stolen due to fraud or theft as cyber attackers are constantly looking for vulnerable targets that can be penetrated with minimal effort.

To assist the sufferers of these digital crimes, the resources are limited in most cases and don’t end in recovery. Resorting to law enforcement agencies is an option, but even the case file process is challenging as in most geographical locations, crypto currencies are still not recognized as a legitimate asset; thus, the support to recover them is inadequate. As an alternative, CNC Intelligence Inc. has introduced a range of services to solve the issues plaguing crypto currency holders and help them trace and get stolen financial assets back.

When someone is a victim of cybercrime, it’s hard for them to trust a service again, even if it’s offering a solution to recover the lost investments. CNC Intelligence is undoubtedly the industry’s leading company to spot cybercriminals and retrieve crypto and digital asset theft leveraging state-of-the-art technology. The CNCintel reviews have been nothing but promising since its inception.

Headquartered in Washington, D.C., CNCintel was founded by seasoned Cyber Intelligence, Crypto Investigations, Asset Recovery, and Offshore Legal Experts with 40+ years of combined experience to deliver the best results. CNCintel trustworthy reputation and advanced intelligent solutions backed by the latest cyber tools have empowered them to provide services for a wide range of clients from different industries and businesses, including online retailers, law firms, individuals, and more.

The company leverages software solutions, closed data-based, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), Human Intelligence (HUMINT), and more to boost its success rate of tracing cyber fraudsters and asset recovery. CNC has a geographical footprint in different continents with a Cybint Operations Center in Rehovot, Israel, and a Global Investigations Head Office in Orem, Utah, and partners with legal firms dealing with crypto currency theft cases, clearing every iota of doubt of the that is CNCintel legit or not.

CNC Intelligence Inc. believes in providing end-to-end services to the clients, from initial consultation to coordinating with law enforcement agencies to take legal action until the recovery of the digital assets; the team is behind the clients at every step. The team at CNC Intel has a high success rate in all financial assets recovery cases. Furthermore, the company’s support crew is dedicated to helping everyone who contacts them with any questions or issues with their free 15-minute consultation session. The company has secured clients in all corners of the world, thanks to the powerful combination of their in-house experts and advanced information technology-enabled system.

For further information about the services, visit the official website of CNC Intelligence Inc.

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