Wenxian Fan: A Pioneer of Intelligent Transportation, Leading the Industry

February 23 17:56 2021

In the 21st century, world science and technology are developing by leaps and bounds. In recent years, as technologies such as big data, the Internet, blockchain, and artificial intelligence have matured, governments of various countries have introduced relevant policies to promote the application of high-tech in various social and economic fields, and a new world development situation has gradually taken shape. In the process of gradual transition from informatization to intelligentization in various fields, intelligent transportation has become an important cornerstone of world economic development. Wenxian Fan, an intelligent transportation expert, has struggled in the field of transportation for nearly 30 years since he was admitted to the Department of Transport Economics of Shenzhen University in 1994. After entering the transportation industry, she deeply realized the great value of intelligent transportation. Taking this as an opportunity, through measures such as technology research and development, achievements popularization, and talent training, she has not only achieved self-improvement, but also increased the competitive strength of the company founded by her, and achieved impressive results that attracted the attention of the industry.

Based on Scientific Research

When it comes to intelligent transportation, most people think of intelligent devices and technologies such as GPS positioning, electronic eyes, tidal lanes, etc. Wenxian Fan, a well-known expert on intelligent transportation in China, said that the scope of intelligent transportation is very wide, and its content is also composed of different levels. She believes that, compared with traditional transportation, intelligent transportation is a holistic and dynamic system architecture. Generally speaking, it can be divided into two aspects of the implementation level and the decision-making level. The former includes transportation infrastructure, intelligent roads, and vehicle operation management for the circulation of vehicles, and the latter includes issuing traffic execution orders. The decision-making part of intelligent transportation is composed of the intelligent transportation system, which is the brain of the entire transportation system and the core part of intelligent transportation. It plays a pivotal role in intelligent transportation. Based on this recognition, Fan puts her focus on the research and development of intelligent transportation system. After years of hard work, she has successfully developed a series of intelligent transportation management service systems based on advanced technologies such as big data, Internet of Things, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. These systems extensively cover traffic monitoring, analysis, forecasting, command, evaluation and other aspects, effectively solving the problems of low efficiency of traditional traffic flow, uneven distribution of resources, and poor safety factors. With powerful data analysis capabilities, they have achieved refined, dynamic, and scientific management of the entire transportation system, greatly increased the utilization rate of transportation resources, and improved user experience. Fan uses scientific research as the cornerstone to build a complete system for the establishment of the enterprise, and drives the rapid development of the enterprise.

Focus on Innovation

Fan is a person who always seeks to be one step ahead, both in life and work. Therefore, it has become her professional habit to follow the cutting-edge trends of science and technology anytime and anywhere. A long time ago, she began to pay attention to VR technology and studied the possibility of VR technology in traffic management. Based on VR technology, she carried out digital collection and storage, dynamic monitoring and processing, and comprehensive management of various information such as geographic environment, infrastructure, natural resources, ecological environment, population distribution, and human landscape, thereby building a 3D three-dimensional traffic model and information system platform. It can provide various services through the virtual model, obtain and analyze various spatial information of road traffic with high precision, high speed and standardization, and carry out information query, retrieval and statistics accurately in real time. The innovative research has deepened and improved road traffic management on the one hand, and strengthened and guaranteed the safety, order and smoothness of road traffic; On the other hand, it is possible to monitor road development trends in real time, and continuously feedback various problems arising in road construction and traffic management, so that relevant departments can respond quickly and make up for shortcomings. In Fan’s view, intelligent transportation should have the functions of reasoning, learning and optimization, and innovation is the most effective way to realize the iterative development of these functions.

Rooted in Talents

In addition to research in technology, Fan has also been attaching great importance to the cultivation of talents. She believes that technological progress cannot be separated from the support of talents. Years of research and management experience also made her fully aware that talent training is an important means for companies to participate in market competition, also the fundamental driving force for the advancement of the industry and the development of social economy. As an Off-campus Supervisor of the Professional Master Education Center of the School of Economics of Shenzhen University, with her solid professional skills and rich practical experience, Wenxian Fan has delivered many excellent senior inter-disciplinary talents to the industry, contributed to the construction of core teams of many large and medium-sized enterprises, and also promoted the improvement of the overall professional level of the industry. In addition, based on the company she founded, she has established a sound internal talent training mechanism, constantly explored innovative models for intelligent transportation talent training, and cultivated a large number of integrated talents with both professional and creativity, injecting continuous fresh blood into the development of the company. Fan takes the lead in the strategic deployment of talents, which is also one of her secrets to success.

Over the years of working in the industry, she has shown her outstanding technical research and management capabilities to the industry all the time, leading the rapid development of the company he founded while achieving self-improvement. She said that the road to intelligent construction in the transportation industry has a long way to go, and her exploration of industry technology will not stop there. In the future, she will continue to insist on intelligent technology innovation, strengthen the construction of intelligent transportation system, and become a pioneer in the industry. 

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